TechRadar Deals of the Week: Samsung 43-inch F4500 plasma TV for £299

TechRadar's Deals of the Week: Samsung 42-inch F4500 plasma TV for £299
£299 is a great price for this much screen estate

We have been patrolling the internet for tech bargains, and those of you looking for a quality flat panel TV at a bargain price need look no further. The Samsung 43-inch F4500 plasma TV is on offer at a pretty tasty price of only £299 from

This plasma TV offers an HD-ready (1024 x 768) resolution, 600Hz refresh rate as well as a Freeview tuner. It may not offer all the bells and whistles of the latest internet connected Full HD panels, but as it uses plasma screen tech you're sure to get a quality picture, and it won't leave you weeping into your wallet.

It is also packing two HDMI ports to connect a games console as well as your Blu-ray player or PC, and an upscaling engine to reduce the blocky artefacting you get from SD quality sources. All in all, a bargain flatscreen TV.

Our Reviews Editor James Rivington says: "£300 for a 43-inch plasma TV is a great deal - especially if you're looking to get as big a screen as possible for as little money. The HD-ready resolution might seem limiting, but at 43 inches you're only really on the very edge of full HD making a significant difference anyway. It's an excellent option for a second screen."

Another offer that caught our eye this week is the Sandisk Cruzer 32GB USB 2.0 Flash drive on sale at £10.99, from - a saving of 78 per cent. Perfect for backing up the family photos or carrying around your music collection.

If neither of these deals float your boat, then take a look at the other offers, from apps to cameras and games to iPods. Whatever you want, you can save some cash on your next tech purchase.




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