Samsung and LG fight over fridge space

Samsung LG
The war rages on

Samsung Electronics has hit out at LG with a hefty lawsuit in Korea, claiming that its reputation has been damaged by one of LG's advertising campaigns.

The electronics company claims that LG has damaged its brand value through spiteful advertising, launching a 50 billion won (US$45.2m, £29.78m, AUS$43m) suit.

So how did this heavy, serious legal battle all begin? Samsung posted a YouTube video titled "Inconvenient truth about refrigerator capacity" which compared the size of its refrigerators with those made by LG.

LG Electronics, displeased at accusations about how much veg its fridges could store, then hit back by filing a lawsuit against Samsung and running its own online advertisements in a response. Now Samsung is throwing a strop and wants revenge.

An inconvenient truth

This certainly isn't the first scrap between the two Korean companies, which have been embroiled in several legal disputes over various things, including OLED technology. The launch of Samsung's Galaxy S4 has also got LG's attention for containing the same eye-tracking technology.

But this latest argument is arguably the most ridiculous, given that it all started over a video of Samsung putting some cans into a fridge.

Nonetheless, Samsung claims that LG's response campaign "tarnished its corporate image" by misrepresenting the facts. So there you go.

Oh guys, we really wish you could just get along.

Via The Korean Herald

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