One More Thing: Spotify Radio tunes in to mobile apps

One More Thing: Spotify Radio tunes in to mobile apps

Heard it on my radio – Spotify has rolled out Spotify Radio to its iOS apps so you can curate your own radio station from wherever you are. The new mix and match service is coming to Android in the coming weeks too, but sadly the mobile radio is only available to premium users in the UK. Oh well, never mind free users – you can enjoy the sounds of Wayne 'Wazza' Rooney's pre-match playlist right here. Damien Rice, Wazza? [Spotify]

Map-happyGoogle has begun mapping the UK's rivers and towpaths in its latest bid to know everything about everywhere. Paranoia aside, when the update hits Google Maps later this year, it'll be well handy for those of us who live near a river or canal. [Telegraph]

SueTube - It's not all happy clappy mappy at Google HQ. The company is also inching closer to legal action against at least one YouTube-to-MP3 conversion site, The internet giant sent a letter to the site giving it seven days to cease extracting MP3 audio from YouTube videos and making it free to download. After the site contacted Google suggesting a nice sit down and a talk about it all, Google blocked YouTube-MP3's servers from accessing YouTube at all. [TorrentFreak]

Tenuous D - According to some research from the Online Publishers Association (OPA), Android tablets now account for "nearly half" of the tablet market. Given that this is based on 2,540 "internet users" and not actual sales figures, we're inclined to say "Yeah, right, sure, uh-huh, whatever". [Talk Android]

Flipper - Google has partnered with tablet app Flipboard to bring Google+ streams to the magazine-style reader. It's by no means the only social networking site that ties in with Flipboard: it joins Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and more. Does this mean Google+ is a real social network now? [TNW]

Toilet humour - Indefatigable modder Ben Heck is back and this time he's brought a light-up toilet seat with him. With just a plain bathmat, carbon conductive paint, foam spacers, plywood and Heck's handy walkthrough, you too can build a pressure-sensitive mat that automatically illuminates the toilet seat so you can wee standing up in the middle of the night. Or you can turn the light on in the bathroom. Whichever you find easier. [SlashGear]

Toilet seat

Want one - The world's cutest space shuttle is back on Earth after 15 months orbiting the earth doing whatever adorable little space shuttles built by Boeing for the US Air Force do. Probably something terrifying. But whatever - it's so cute! [Wired]

Snore - If OMT isn't keeping you adequately amused on your way home and you find yourself dropping off to sleep on the train, you need an app like the Subway Alarm Clock made for the Beijing subway system. With no data or GPS connection, the app uses the unique signal coding of each telecoms base station on the Beijing subway system and uses that to wake you up when your sleepyhead reaches the preset destination. [TechInAsia]

Switch-off – Another day, another piece of research suggesting mobile devices are slowly killing us in one way or another. Today it's because of stress (and posture, which isn't a surprise given that the findings come from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy). The CSP wants you to switch off your mobile bits and bobs after you finish the working day. Can't see that happening, to be honest. [BBC]

Unmenshnable – Outspoken UK Tory MP Lousie Mensch has decided that Twitter is good but it's not good enough for politics. So she's invented her own social network which sounds a lot like a cross between a boring Twitter and a Reddit without any of the fun bits. Launching first in the US, at the moment you can only talk about politics in massive echoey chatrooms where people rate your contributions in real time. But none of that is as bad as its name: Menshn. Ugh. [TechCrunch]

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