One More Thing: Max Payne 3 brings the pain

One More Thing: Max Payne 3 brings the pain
Full trailer finally released

Payne killer – Rockstar has pushed the boat out once again with Max Payne 3, with the new trailer showing off some stunning in-game gunfight physics and absolutely no Mark Wahlberg, which is nothing but a good thing. Stunning stuff.

Cleese-y does it – John Cleese once played Q's trainee R so you would expect the funny guy to be all about his technology. Turns out he's not really – unless you count Skype – but quoting Samuel Johnson is. [Gizmodo]

Top of the 'bots – Robots in movies are awesome but in real life they are a little underwhelming. Lucky, there's one robot that may change all this and it is a robotic, er, bottom. This posterior is apparently the most realistic robo-butt around. We will let you guys and gals be the judge of that. [Reg Hardware]

Go-ogle+ - The Google+ app for iOS has been given a nice spit and polish and actually looks like something you will use. We know, we were as shocked as you but it really is a lovely looking app – even if the social network it is tied too is a little boring. Unfortunately it is only for the US at the moment, so us Brits will just have to look in awe from a distance. [TheNextWeb]

Get Real and sue Apple! – Real Networks has name-checked all iPod users in its latest lawsuit against Apple so if you are an owner then you are suing Apple, kind of. [Mashable]

London's Olympic secret – How did London win the Olympics way back when? Well, hacking the traffic lights system in the city may well have something to do with it. Essentially, officials made sure the traffic in the city flowed smoothly when organisers came to visit. Crafty. [Gizmodo]

Stealthy does it – Stealth aircraft are going to get, er, even stealthier soon thanks to a UV cloak that will stop ultraviolet detection systems from detecting the planes. Hopefully it will look just like the one Jack The Ripper wore. [Engadget]

Food of love – Like Spotify? Like dating? Good, because Spotify has decided to turn Love Guru on us all and offer a new app that matches people to their music tastes. It's called Fellody, which in itself sounds like something you would get if you passed first base on your first date. [Spotify]

Modern times – It may all be about Black Ops 2 at the moment but this hasn't stopped Activision outing a new PS3 bundle with Modern Warfare 3. It's limited edition no less so you better be quick in snapping it up. [UberGizmo]

Game or movie – If the new Max Payne trailer didn't whet your appetite then the Dishonered trailer will. Acting more like a movie than a game, as it's got the art director from Half-Life 2 doing the graphics the thing is nothing less than awesome. And it will be out October 12. [videogamer]

Bonus video of the day – It's a mobile phone camera face-off in today's bonus video. Who will win between the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy Note?

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