One More Thing: eBay casts out spells and other such nonsense

One More Thing: eBay casts out spells and other such nonsense
"What do you mean it's not me, it's you?"

Spell check - Online auction site eBay has decided enough is enough when it comes to people selling spells and other things of a metaphysical nature, explaining that they are now banned from the site. The reason: "Transactions in these categories often result in issues that can be difficult to resolve". Issues like changing a man into a mouse and not sending the details on how to change him back, we're guessing. [Wired UK]

Pocket sharks - What happens when Point Break, Jaws and Short Circuit collide? We can see why you might think we're talking about Johnny 5 robbing beachside banks while riding a shark, but in fact it's only slightly less outlandish: a surfing robot tracking great white sharks and transmitting the data to a free app called Shark Net. At least you'll know where not to swim. [BBC]

Shark robot

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Hey good lookin' - 56 per cent of UK Facebookers surveyed by Intel said that looking good on their Facebook page is their main Facebook-related priority, while in Europe they're more bothered about appearing intelligent. Or they're lying. One of the two. [Intel]

Flash rules everything around me - The BBC has announced that the iPlayer is set to get a Flash update soon. Which is good news for those who want "the highest quality media playback" as this is exactly what the update offers. Those who haven't got Flash 10.1 yet will have to have it by 22 August for iPlayer to work properly. [BBC]

BBM-blem - RIM has started a campaign to get 'BBM' added to the Collins Dictionary, which is lovely but for two things: 1) BBM is not a word. 2) Surely – surely – there are better things RIM's staff could be doing with their time? [Twitter]

App-t - Can you afford 50 dollars? You can, great, then why not join instead of the equally priced, so people definitely know that you have the money to join a premium social network. [TechCrunch]

Clowning around - If it wasn't bad enough that the late Steve Jobs' house was broken into recently, it seems his belongings have found themselves into the wrong hands. Clown hands. That's right, a clown by the name of Kenny The Clown waas given the stolen iPad without the joker knowing who the previous owner was. Bizarre. [The Verge]

Frozen Facebook - Facebook is looking into holding its data in the mysterious Sub Zero building that's residing next to the data centre it is currently using at the moment. The building is set to offer a low-powered backup thanks to its stupidly cold temperature. Facebook will be hoping Sub Zero also freezes its ever-decreasing share price. [Wired]

Stop, calibrate and listen - We always knew the geek thing was an act and they were really just nu-ravers looking for an outlet over at NASA. That Curiosity Rover especially. [Gizmodo UK]

Accio book sales! has reported that The Hunger Games has overtaken Harry Potter as its biggest selling series of all time. The Hunger Games boasts three books to Potter's seven and has been around for four years as opposed to Harry's 15. But, of course, you can't get the Harry Potter ebooks through Amazon. We wonder how much difference that makes. Still, at least they're both doing better than 50 Shades of Grey. [TNW]

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