New alarm clock wakes you at your optimal time

aXbo's new Single alarm clock monitors your sleep patterns and wakes you at your optimal time in the morning

If you ever get out of the wrong side of bed on a Monday morning, then the latest sleep-pattern-monitoring alarm clock from aXbo may well be the ideal bedroom gizmo for you.

And, before we go on, let's leave the jokes about all those other ideal bedroom gizmos where they belong. In the gutter!

Back to sleep-monitoring alarm clocks, the newly-announced aXbo Single claims to rouse you at your optimal wake up time.

"Wake up feeling refreshed with alarm clock that monitors movement patterns during your sleep," claims the company's PR blurb.

"The aXbo Single monitors the body while asleep, detecting where a user is in a sleep cycle to wake them at an optimal, light sleep phase moment. By assisting users to wake up naturally during a light sleep phase, as opposed to a deep sleep, they get up feeling more relaxed, calm and refreshed for the day ahead."

Don't worry too much though, there will be no daily snoozing through till noon here, as the aXbo Single "registers individual optimal wake up times via body movements through a wirelessly connected wristband, with one sensor included as part of the aXbo Single pack, and wakes users up at your optimal time each day in the last 30 minutes before their set waking time."

Burning those candles again?

aXbo's new Single is a limited edition version of its Sleep Phase Alarm Clock, which monitors "sleep movement patterns and waken users at their optimal wake-up time each morning."

The company is marketing the device at singles that burn the candle at both ends, hoping that it will help to drag them out bed feeling refreshed and relaxed.

The £161 aXbo Single is being made available in a "limited edition stylish glossy black finish as part of an exclusive run of 2,000 units, and comes with a new package of wake-up and chill-out sounds which can be easily downloaded form the aXbo website."

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