Man commits suicide on webcam

Brent MacMillan broadcasted his suicide via webcam
Brent MacMillan broadcasted his suicide via webcam

A man in Bountiful, Utah, committed suicide this week in front of his webcam.

The person on the other end watching the gruesome footage was his ex-girlfriend in California.

According to reports, police were tipped off that there was a man, Brent MacMillan, about to commit suicide, so they soon arrived at his house, to find him alive and well.

With a negotiator present, the police thought that they had persuaded MacMillan to surrender, but they heard gunshots soon after.

Tried to make contact

It turns out that MacMillan killed himself with a single gunshot wound to the chest.

Lt. Randy Pickett, with the Bountiful Police Department, spoke about the incident to local news site KSL and said: "We had a negotiator present who tried to make contact with the person inside. He was able to do so they talked for a minute.

"About two or three minutes later, the officers heard a shot."

When the police entered MacMillan's house they found that he had broadcast the whole thing to his distraught ex-girlfriend hundreds of miles away.

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