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But there are plenty of other ways to chat with us and keep up with our posts.

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Find out what events we're at and what new kit we're playing with via @techradar.

If you want to keep up with the latest reviews on TechRadar, then simply follow @TechRadarReview.

For the latest on mobile phones, there's @TR_Phones, for cameras there's @TR_Cameras, for tablet goodness you'll want to hit up @TR_Tablets, and for PC modding and components, we have @TR_PCTech.

TechRadar staff also have their own Twitter accounts. You can follow Editors Patrick Goss (@patrickgoss) and Paul Douglas (@pdouglas), Deputy Editors Dan Grabham (@dangrabham) and Marc Chacksfield (@mchax), Reviews Editor James Rivington (@rungsberry), Phones Editor Gareth Beavis (@superbeav), Staff Writer Kate Solomon (@katiesol) and Mobile Device Writer John McCann (@jjmccann).

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