Weird Tech: Ann Summers, aeroplanes and beer

Apple bosses have been getting hot and bothered over Ann Summer's new iGasm sex toy

We never thought we'd mention Apple and Ann Summers in the same sentence. So it was with great interest that we noted Apple getting hot and bothered over a new iGasm sex toy this week.

Once plugged into a media player, the £30 device vibrates in time to the beat. But it's the adverts that have put iPod bosses into a state, reported News of the World .

They use the same silhouette figures as Apple, but with the white wire leading into the girl's knickers. Nice. Company head Jacqueline Gold has so far failed to take threats of legal action seriously, saying: "Perhaps I can send them an iGasm to put a smile back on their faces".


Overhead, passengers weren't smiling as a British Airways stewardess put would-be terrorists to shame by placing her curry ready-meal in the microwave mid-flight, with explosive consequences . Unable to endure the power of the 747's double-strength microwave, the meal exploded, causing damages of over £20,000.

Meanwhile, the US government made a plea to the private sector to design a plane that doesn't land , whilst Argentinean researchers discovered Viagra reduces jet lag in hamsters. Oh, and it might do the same for humans.

And finally

Robots will enslave the world in 10 years. That's the message (again) from scientists who this week predicted AI could be sophisticated enough to create a "superhumanly intelligent artificial intelligence system" within a decade.

But rest assured, experts in South Korea are drawing up an ethical code - based , brilliantly on the three laws contained in Isaac Asimov's I, Robot. The aim is to prevent humans abusing robots and vice versa.

Just as well really. Students were this week pictured riding a flaming, robotic beer keg down the halls of a major university. Clearly not everyone's been warned of the imminent rise of the robots.

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