Google Glass pre-order customers will get regular updates

Google Glass pre-order customers will get regular updates
Google Glass - exciting new project

People who have forked out $1,500 to pre-order Google Glass will at least have something to fill their time while they wait, with a special Google+ circle set up for the lucky few.

The Google Glass Augmented reality specs are causing a fair amount of excitement in the tech world right now, not least because of the impressive aerial entrance the device made at Google's I/O.

The people who coughed up to get in early with the project are being termed Glass Explorers – and they have no problem being transparent with the limited information Google gives them.

Glass half full

Phandroid has published the first post, and promised to keep the world updated on just what Google is "glass-bagging" on about in its (not very) private group.

"Greetings, Glass Explorers! It was great to meet you a few weeks ago at I/O," said the first post.

"As you know, being an Explorer is about being part of a unique, trusted community that will help shape the future of Glass.

"We're going to start sharing private updates with you on Google+. We'll be posting exclusive content (see Sergey's post, above), as well as inviting you to special events and Hangouts where you'll get the chance to meet the team."

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