Google Glasses showcased with skydiving extravaganza

Sergey show off Google Glasses
Google's post sky dive presentation of Google Glasses

Today at Google IO 2012, Sergey Brin, cofounder of Google, took the stage at the annual developers conference to demonstrate the much-talked-about Google Glasses or Project Glass.

His presentation opened with a fellow Googler wearing the Google Glasses, while signed into a Google + hangout, and then sky diving out of a plane.

Not only did the device stay on his face, but this extreme Googler was able to capture the entire sky dive to the top of the Moscone center with the Google Glasses without service interruption or errors.

This was followed by a quick transition over to a few bikers doing acrobatic tricks and jumps, also while wearing the glasses.

So it seems Google Glasses not only offers an augmented reality experience, but also lets more active users know how fast they're going on a bike, play tennis, walk around on a beach, as well as jump out of a plane.

Google Glasses lighter than sunglasses

The rest of Brin's presentation was not as eventful, but he and his fellow Project Glass developers did explain that in order for these to be useful, they had to be "lighter than sunglasses."

However, consumers will have to wait to try Google Glasses. They're not available to the general public yet.

Brin announced at the conference that only eligible IO attendees will receive a Google Glass explorer addition, which is not for consumers. And, they're only accepting orders at the conference.