Brekkie Bytes: The best news from Wednesday night

Fingerprint scanning coming to iPhone 5S
NFC and Fingerprint security could be awesome on a phone

It's been 10 months or so since the iPhone 5 saw the light of day, which means the rumour mill is starting to chug away at what Apple's next phone will offer.

The latest rumours say that the iPhone 5S could boast a larger, 4.3-inch screen while a cheaper version of the handset could replace the iPhone 5. What's more, the iPhone 5S is expected to have an NFC chip and a fingerprint scanner.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, it appears that we're also getting closer and closer to seeing the Nexus 7 2 tablet which could land within days. Here's hoping they come up with a better name than Nexus 7 2.

We might also be finally getting our eyeballs on Android 4.3, with invites for a YouTube briefing sent to press for July 24 Of course, who knows how long it will take to actually roll out to current handsets.

And finally, there may finally be a cure for the curse of smartphone battery life, with British researchers harnessing the power of urine to power electronics And no, they aren't just taking the piss...

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