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Baby Cambridge is a boy, and boy is this future king in for a dramatically different world of tech compared to his Millennial generation parents.

When Prince William and Kate Middleton were born in 1982 the Macintosh didn't yet exist, Tron's special effects were considered "groundbreaking," and CD players just became commercially available.

The royal baby, now third in line for the throne, is going to be the earliest early adopter of gadgets in the family thanks to the growing number of smart baby products available.

We summoned the wisest experts in the land to find five best baby gadgets fit for a king, and ones that are dually suited for every baby boy and girl not destined to be the leader of a monarchy, too.

Best baby gadgets

Monitor your baby better than the NSA monitors you

1. Withings Smart Baby Monitor

The Prince and Duchess of Cambridge now have new titles: mom and dad. They're not going to want leave the side of their newborn baby, except to catch some much-needed shuteye.

Even then, they can keep an eye on their prince in swaddling clothes by using the Smart Baby Monitor made by Withings.

This 21st century baby monitor sports a high-resolution camera and microphone for video and sound, night vision when it's lights out in the Middleton residence, and advanced monitors for noises, motion, temperature and humidity in baby's room.

It also supports two-way communication so that mom and dad can talk to their baby, play built-in lullabies, and turn on the multi-colored night light.

At €249.95 ($249.95), it's a priceless piece of mind that works on iOS and Android devices, and provides limitless monitoring over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet cable.

Best baby gadgets

To warm, shake it like a shake weight for a few seconds

2. iiamo Go Self-Warming Baby Bottle

The biggest pain when caring for a newborn baby - not that they're ever a pain - is having to heat up a bottle while still playing mom or Mr. mom.

Typically, this involves holding an infant with both hands, gently rocking him or her back and forth, somehow freeing up a hand to operate a microwave, and testing out an always-too-hot formula.

Take the guesswork out of this baby-essential equation by filling milk or formula up in the iiamo Go Self-Warming Baby Bottle, which costs £22 ($45).

This BPA-free baby bottle can warm 6 ounces of milk to the recommended body temperature in four minutes and there's no need to transfer the milk from a microwaveable-safe mug to your baby bottle.

It's all done on the spot thanks to an internal heating cartridge that makes it perfect for at-home feedings as well as getaways where electricity and chords would otherwise be needed.

Best baby gadgets

Don't.... forget to take the baby out first

3. 4moms Origami Stroller

The new prince of Cambridge isn't able to sit up for a throne just yet, but the 4mom Origami Stroller can act as a mobile throne of sorts for now for $849.99 (about £553.34).

This is the world's first power-folding stroller that opens and closes with the touch of a button, and leaves mom and dad's back intact at the end of "walkies."

It's complete with four cup holders (a.k.a baby bottle and backup baby bottle holders) visibility lights, and an LCD with thermometer, speedometer, trip and lifetime odometer tracking. Prince William can't "swear I walked the baby" if that odometer didn't move.

In addition to ample storage, the Origami Stroller can tuck away an optional accessory that can charge a cell phone. What's more, it has its own self-charging generators in its rear wheels to power the opening/closing function.

For peak on-board battery performance, it's best to recharge the stroller with the included wall plug overnight once every two weeks. That's not a bad trade-off to make the prince "the king of thrones" way before he's old enough to read or watch Game of Thrones.

Best baby gadgets

Imagine charting his weight from the very start

4. Withings Smart Kid Scale

The first great grandchild of the Queen of England is an 8-pounds, 6-ounce baby boy and he will grow quickly.

The Prince and Duchess can keep track of his weight gains without having to go back to the hospital and deal with the invasive press, all thanks to the Withings Smart Kid Scale, $180 (£180).

Designed for babies, this cradle-shaped scale displays the weight through an LCD, but also automatically uploads the readings through WiFi or Bluetooth to an iOS device or the web to keep track of a baby's progress.

In addition to being highly-accurate, it can take into account the weight of a soft blanket, if mom and dad choose to lay one down, and ignore the extra weight in the end.

Eventually, as the baby prince becomes a toddler, it converts into a stand-up child's scale and he can graduate to the even more advanced Withings adult version.

Best baby gadgets

Royally flushes the dirty water out

5. 4moms Infant Tub + Spout Cover

In addition to the power-folding stroller, 4moms has another innovative gadget to keep the royal baby clean: the Infant Tub + Spout Cover.

This tiny tub allows water to drain properly, which is unlike traditional germ-filled baby tubs that mix the dirty and clean bathing water together.

It includes a color-coded digital thermometer and a clean water reservoir for a supply of fresh rinsing water via the included rinsing cup.

This $99.99 (about £64.45) infant tub spout is designed to fit most single and double basin sinks.

The separate spout cover includes a similar color-coded temperature gauge and protects babies from run-ins with the faucet.

Matt Swider