10 bizarre gadgets from CES 2013

There are plenty of mad gadgets at CES

Formation helicopters, mind-controlled cat ears, forks that measure what you eat and air-conditioned shirts: the bizarre side of tech from CES 2013.

1. Swiveling cat ears

With the power of your mind! Neurosky's brainwave scanning band really works, but are cat ears showing your feelings really the best use?

10 crazy gadgets from CES 2013

2. Parrot AR Drone

Parrot's gyroscopic AR Drone quadcopters flying in formation; the real Top Guns fly some 100 miles west of Vegas at China Lake

10 crazy gadgets from CES 2013

3. HAPIfork

Slow down and chew your food properly, or the HAPIfork will start buzzing; it doesn't check if your elbows are on the table though.

10 crazy gadgets from CES 2013

4. Dhama Pursuit business shirt

Stay cool, or warm, or just right. Dhama's Pursuit business shirt has built-in heating and cooling from 73 to 122 degrees – but no Jackie Chan moves.

10 crazy gadgets from CES 2013

5. TrackingPoint guns

Bringing a whole new meaning to point and click, TrackingPoint's Linux-powered guns have head-up displays for choosing your target.

10 crazy gadgets from CES 2013

6. Lifeproof Kitchen iPad case

It's not a chopping board, but if you use your iPad for recipes this hermetically sealed Lifeproof case will keep it clean in the kitchen.

10 crazy gadgets from CES 2013

7. Acase Black Diamond IIIs

There's no shortage of Bluetooth speakers at CES but the Black Diamond IIIs from Acase are the only ones you're likely to mistake for disco lights.

10 crazy gadgets from CES 2013

8. Apple Juice cleaner

This screen cleaner really does smell of fresh apples; especially if you press too hard and spray it all over your shirt…

10 crazy gadgets from CES 2013

9. Tylt Energi

Tylt's Energi backpack with a hefty battery can charge your iPad but it might also turn you bright green

10 crazy gadgets from CES 2013

10. Pinlo stands

These adorable stands from Pinlo customise your iPhone power supply and cuddle your phone while it charges

10 crazy gadgets from CES 2013

11. Aaaaah

What everyone who goes to CES really wants: the time to lie back and rest weary feet in a massage chair!

10 crazy gadgets from CES 2013


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