Windows 10 update is breaking some webcams – but a fix is on the way

windows 10
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Windows 10’s cumulative update in February for May 2020 Update (and October 2020 Update) systems reportedly has a bug with the potential to disable some webcams, and Microsoft is now working on a fix for this problem.

The issue with the KB4601319 update was flagged to Microsoft via its Windows 10 Feedback Hub, as spotted by Windows Latest, and it appears to affect Intel RealSense Depth and Razer Stargazer cameras.

A Microsoft software engineer stated: “Thank you for bringing the issues with Intel RealSense Camera to our attention. We are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. In the meantime, if you need to get your camera working, please follow the instructions on how to remove an installed Windows Update.”

In other words, for the time being, if your webcam has been rendered useless by the KB4601319 patch, your only recourse is to remove the update (if you’re not sure how, we’ve got a handy guide on that).

Peripheral fail?

According to Microsoft’s release notes, cumulative update KB4601319 provides security improvements for using peripherals like a mouse, keyboard, or stylus, as well as updates for verifying passwords.

There is a known issue with Discord (although that’s resolved in the latest update for the Discord app), and some other reported problems as seen on Reddit, with the patch actually breaking the mouse and keyboard for one user. This isn’t the only report of issues with a mouse after applying KB4601319, either, as Windows Latest notes.

Worryingly, there are scattered reports of nasty Blue Screen of Death (or black screen) crashes with the update, as well, but fortunately these don’t seem to be widespread.

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