Why the Samsung Buds trademark makes sense as a preemptive strike on AirPods 2

Samsung Buds

A newly discovered 'Samsung Buds' trademarked is the first sign that Samsung could be making a fresh Apple AirPods challenger, one that could rival AirPods 2 even.

The mysterious 'Samsung Buds' trademark was filed by the South Korean company with European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), according to SamMobile.

Sure, Samsung already has an answer to the AirPods in the form of the Gear Icon X 2018 (the longer-lasting upgrade to the original Gear Icon X earbuds). But, there are several advancements we could see the company making in 2018 or early 2019.

Three reasons Samsung Buds make sense

The Samsung Buds trademark doesn't clue us in on any features, and it doesn't even confirm new earbuds are on the way. But there's reason to believe Samsung has something in development – three of them, actually.

First, a wireless charging Samsung Buds case seems like a logical next step for the company's third-generation true wireless earbuds. The current Gear buds charge wirelessly inside the case, but that case needs to be charged with a cable. For shame!

Second reason: Apple. Apple is supposedly launching noise canceling AirPods 2 in 2018, and it may have an update in between – an AirPods 1.5, if you will. We've been promised an AirPods wireless charging case, but Apple's AirPower charging mat has been delayed indefinitely.

Samsung, meanwhile, does have a charging stand: the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo. Okay, it doesn't charge three things at once, like Apple's work-in-progress charger, but does charge two things simultaneously and it's on sale today. Samsung has the opportunity to launch these before Apple's wireless case update – does Samsung need any more reason than to rival Apple?

Third reason for the Samsung Buds: Samsung has been flattening out its branding, with the Gear name going away in some instances. Instead of launching its sequel to the Samsung Gear S3 with the Gear S4, the company went with the Samsung Galaxy Watch. This could be another Gear-less refresh.

Again, we're light on details about the Samsung Buds, but there are a number of good reasons for them to exist in the near term. We'll scout for additional Samsung Buds rumors in the coming weeks.

Matt Swider