What to stream this weekend: Clarice, Loki, Rick and Morty and more highlights

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With so many shows and movies to choose from on Australia's major streaming services, it can often be difficult to find the best new stuff to entertain yourself with each end of week. 

In an effort to make things easier, we've hand-picked the best new shows and movies of the week to watch on Aussie streaming platforms this weekend, covering the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus, Binge, Foxtel Now, Stan, Apple TV Plus and Amazon Prime Video. 

Below, you'll find a list of this weekend's highlights, with binge-worthy new shows sitting alongside some great big-budget new movie arrivals – and a couple of oddball left-of-field entries, just for some variety.

The big new shows and movies this weekend include the latest episode of Loki on Disney Plus, the return of Rick and Morty on Netflix and the season (possible series) finale of Clarice on Stan. Here are our streaming picks for the weekend of June 25-27, 2021.


(TV Series – episode 3 available now)

Loki has met his match in a female Loki named Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) who has her own mission to reach the Time Keepers. Unfortunately, Loki and Sylvie find themselves trapped on a moon that's about to be destroyed in a collision with a nearby planet and they can't warp their way out of there.

Stream Loki on Disney Plus

Rick and Morty: Season 5

(TV Series – season 5 premiere available now)

Rick and Morty has finally returned for what promises to be the wildest season of the animated series to date! In the season 5 premiere, Rick finds himself hosting dinner for his arch-nemesis, Dr Nimbus, while Morty inadvertently stars a generations-long war with a race of cow people. 

Stream Rick and Morty on Netflix

Clarice: Season 1 finale

(TV Series – available 25/06/2021) 

Although it was meant to move from broadcast television to a new streaming service in the US, it appears that negotiations have stalled, meaning this season 1 finale could be the last we see of Clarice. Expect this nail-biting closing episode to tie up the conspiracy that Starling and her VICAP team have been investigating all season long.

Stream Clarice on Stan

The Lord of the Rings trilogy

(Movies – available 26/06/2021) 

Peter Jackson's epic adaptation of The Lord of the Rings is coming to Binge for the first time, with all three movies (The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King) landing on the service this Saturday. We can't think of a better excuse to stay in this weekend (aside from Covid lockdown, of course).

Stream The Lord of the Rings on Binge


(Movie – available now)

From the director of Happy Death Day comes Freaky, another slasher twist on a classic high-concept comedy. If Happy Death Day was essentially Groundhog Day with a masked killer, Freaky gives the popular horror sub-genre the Freaky Friday treatment, with a serial murderer (Vince Vaughn) switching bodies with his latest prospective victim (Kathryn Newton). If you've ever wanted to see Vaughn in full teenage girl mode, now's your chance.

Stream Freaky on Amazon Prime Video


(TV Series – episode 4 available 25/06/2021)

In this '80s-set dark comedy, Rose Byrne plays a bulimic housewife with body dysmorphia who finds a new purpose with the discovery of aerobics. Be warned, though this series looks similar to GLOW in its setting and style, it wades into much darker territory than expected. 

Stream Physical on Apple TV Plus

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