This app literally uses your heart to make a match

Dating app Once can use your heart rate to make a match
Image Credit: Once (via YouTube)

Once, a dating app that presents one potential match a day, is putting a new spin on what it means to follow your heart.

The app, which quickly rose to a reported 600,000 users, recently updated to support fitness trackers like Fitbit and those running Android Wear in order to show which matches make a person's heart race ... literally.

With this update, Once can see if a suitor's profile increases your heart rate - proven by research to be a sign of attraction - to notify you if biology falls in line with your other emotions.

According to TechCrunch, Founder and CEO Jean Meyer believes Once's one-match-per-day method offers "slow dating" for those who like to take extra consideration when pondering a match, as compared to the endless barrage of potential partners seen in similar apps like OkCupid or Tinder.

"Either the dating platforms are too complex, aimed toward an older demographic," says Meyer, "or they are focused on casual dating and hook ups."

Once is available in the UK, France and Spain for both iOS and Android. There are no plans yet to bring the app to the US, so daters there will just have to stick with swiping for now.

Parker Wilhelm
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