The biggest surprise about's new smartwatch? It actually looks good

William Dial's track record as a technology entrepreneur isn't the greatest (see foto.shoto, Puls), but that hasn't stopped the musician from launching a new wearable, called dial.

Unlike most smartwatches on the market, dial takes a 3G SIM card which allows it to make calls and send texts as well as tell the time, show notifications and provide a personal assistant-like service.

It uses a conversation based interface called AneedA, which works in a similar way to Siri and Google Now, allowing you to bark orders at your wrist - if that's something you can see yourself doing.

Full specs are currently unclear, but we do know that dial sports a 1.63-inch display, a Qualcomm processor and a camera. dial

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It may be new, but it's not exactly an original idea. Wearables such as the Samsung Gear S2 3G, Gear S and the cancelled LG Watch Urbane LTE harness the power of a SIM to free them from the constraints of a smartphone.

The bad news? dial is exclusive to UK network Three, so if you're outside the United Kingdom, or a Brit who doesn't want to join Three, you won't be able to get this wearable on your wrist.

There's currently no word how much dial will cost, but Three does say it'll be available sometime during the Spring.

John McCann
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