Will.i.am unveils i.am+ accessories range to beef up the iPhone camera

Will.i.am unveils i.am+ accessories range to beef up the iPhone camera
Soup up your iPhone or save £200? Your call

Autotune specialist turned Intel advocate Will.i.am has revealed his latest foray into the world of technology: the i.am+ iPhone accessory range.

Not to be confused with the similarly-named cat food, the i.am+ range starts at £199 in the UK and the Black Eyed Pea's "fashionable" phone cases will beef up the iPhone's measly 8MP camera with interchangeable lenses and a more serious flash.

As rumoured last week, Will.i.am says the clip-on case transforms the 8MP camera lens into a 14MP one.

Saying that this means the cases make "your smartphone into a genius-phone" is a lofty claim and we're not entirely sure it's warranted - but whatever, it's Will.i.am, he says what he likes.

Just Will.i.am

The cases come with software too, which offer filters and integration with apps like Instagram, plus there's an online www.i.am/username profile for every i.am+ user.

William iPhone

As if all that wasn't enough, Will.i.am has also seen fit to include a slide-out QWERTY keyboard in the pricier white V4 model.

The fairly understated i.am+ C4 Modern Look will go on sale in Selfridges for £199 (above), while the blinged-out white V4 edition with gold trim and a so-called 'Vintage Look' will set you back £299.

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