Will.i.Phone: 'Peas star launching accessories line

Will.i.Phone: 'Peas star launching accessories line
Is there anything this man can't do?

Good news Will.i.am fans: you'll soon be able to get your mitts on the singer/songwriter's own brand of iPhone accessories when his i.am+ range launches next week.

The first in the 'Peas star's line of merchandise is a clip-on camera that is said to up the quality of snaps taken with your iPhone's bog-standard camera.

The musician will be releasing a range of licensed accessories for the iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5 - he has cunningly remarked that they "will turn your smartphone into a genius-phone".

He's also grabbed himself a personalised domain to run his new venture from.


Will.i.am is well known for his entrepreneurial dabblings, as well as his keen interest in the world of tech.

Speaking to TechRadar's own Kate Solomon back in July, the artist displayed an enthusiasm that proved rather hard to keep a grip on, likening the internet to a musical instrument and proposing other, similarly-mind-boggling analogies besides.

The man clearly has his finger on the pulse when it comes to technology, though. At least, you'd certainly assume so with Intel making him Director of Creative Innovation and all.

Pricing of the i.am+ range will be announced at the London launch on November 28, and Selfridges will be selling the range exclusively. Accessories will be compatible with both white and black iPs…