The Polar Loop 2 fitness tracker wants you to move it like Apple Watch

Polar Loop 2

There are numerous fitness trackers already out in the wild - these are our favourites - but running watch and heart-rate tracking specialist Polar is looking to dominate them with its new lifestyle wellness wearable.

The Polar Loop 2 is the successor to the Polar Loop and tracks daily activity, workouts and sleep. Newer features include vibrations to remind the user to move if they have been sitting for too long, and notifications, with incoming calls, messages and calendar events triggering a vibration alert and displaying on the screen - although given that the screen is a small, dot matrix affair, these presumably won't be very in-depth notifications.

Interestingly, while the "get up and move" alert had been on numerous bands before, it is now considered by many to be "an Apple Watch feature" - life's not fair, right?

In addition to the Smoky Black of the original Loop, there are two new color options: Sorbet Pink and Powder White.

Fitness tracking done right?

We haven't tested out the Polar Loop 2 yet, but in addition to the features mentioned above, it will of course track steps and sleep, attempt to calculate how many calories you've burned and, interestingly, show you your day's efforts divided into five intensity levels: resting, sitting, low, medium and high.

Enter your age, gender and weight and choice of activity level in the Polar Flow service - the company's web service that analyzes your data, much like the Microsoft Band's Health Vault or Jawbone's app - and you'll be presented with an individual daily activity goal.

It's also water resistant, to the extent that you can take it swimming, while the battery life of eight days is on par with the likes of the Jawbone UP3.

There's no heart rate tracker but it can connect to the Polar H7 heart rate sensor, which is sold separately. This would involve wearing a Polar device on each wrist, however.

The Polar Loop 2 is priced at $119.90 (about £80 or AU$161) which is about the same as the broadly similar Fitbit Charge ($120, £70 AU$170), but in the USA at least, a bit more than the Jawbone UP2 ($99, £90, AU$149).

The fitness tracker will be available in the US/Canada this month in in white and pink, and globally in September 2015.

The Smoky Black option will be out September 2015 in the US/Canada and globally in November 2015.