MyZone Heart Tracker lets you compete shoulder-to-shoulder with top athletes


Want to see if you can beat a top athlete at their own game? If you strap on a MyZone tracker, you might just stand a chance as the company aims to become the "Facebook for physical activity".

The way it works is like any other tracker, but with a twist. Your performance is rated during each workout with a colour rating based not on your performance in absolute terms, but relative to your maximum heart rate.

In other words, it rewards effort rather than attainment so if you go on the track against Mo Farah, he'll reach the finish line first but you might still technically win.

Not like any other tracker

Clearly designed for slightly more hardcore runners than Fitbit casuals, MyZone's MZ-3 belt straps around your chest and monitors your heart rate and calories from there rather than your wrist. MyZone says that its system, based on colours and points, makes your performance easier to understand and takes the guesswork out of training.

Apparently the tracker will work on pretty much any activity, including running, swimming, cycling, rowing and even horse riding. Though it'll still have to be you wearing the tracker - not the horse. All of these will be theoretically directly comparable too, because the whole system is predicated on heart rate, not steps, so it all counts.

In the app/website you can view the activity of your friends, and post likes and comments on each other's runs. Well, better there than on my Facebook feed I guess.

The MZ-3 belt is set to cost £129.99 - with a watch to monitor your data in real time available for £99.99 (or you can grab both together for £179.99). It'll also work with Apple Watch and Android Wear, in case you've already jumped on the wrist pleasure train.

You can also buy a MyZone Sports Bra for £49.99, though this doesn't appear to do anything techie.