Las Vegas is adding X-rated VR to your room service package

Las Vegas is adding X-rated VR to your room service package

Between watching a movie on-demand and that assortment of overpriced, gluten-packed snacks in the mini-fridge, staying in a hotel already has its share of temptations.

However, the next big addition to room service might be unusually hard for some to resist, as select hotels in Las Vegas want to offer guests virtual reality headsets loaded with - what else? - porn.

Virtual reality pornographers VR Bangers is teaming with the AuraVisor headset to bring hotel-goers skin flicks as room service. For a discreet $19.99 credit card charge, viewers can peruse an assortment of on-demand VR porn, not unlike ordering a movie on a regular TV.

Unlike other VR headsets, such as the Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard, the AuraVisor doesn't need to be synced up to a phone or attached to a PC to run. This makes it cheaper and easier to implement than the competition, considering the need to outfit a multitude of rooms with the device.

The AuraVisor is built atop an Android backbone, with dedicated controls and MicroSD storage, making it easy to pre-program and update without any additional hardware needed.

VR Bangers says it aims to replicate the user's hotel room for maximum immersion - which prooobably just means that the sets for the video are hotel rooms, though that has not been confirmed by the film company.

VR Bangers isn't the first nudie studio to fix its gaze on VR. BaDoinkVR announced a partnership with Pornhub last month to bring free adult videos to those with their own VR setups at home.

Should you find yourself out on the Strip and in the mood for a virtual strip of your own, just be courteous and use headphones. Some of us have a blackjack table and breakfast buffet to hit first thing in the morning.

Parker Wilhelm
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