Here's our wish list for the ultimate fitness tracker

Fitness trackers

Garmins are great, Fitbits are fab and Misfits aren't the oddballs you might expect. There are loads of great fitness trackers out there. But none has quite nailed every single aspect of its being to the point where it's indispensable.

It makes you wonder: what exactly would go into the perfect fitness tracker? Does it need to let you take voice memos, so you can wax on about your latest PB like James T Kirk after a marathon? Probably not. But should the battery last at least 10x longer than an Apple Watch's? Actually, yes.

After hours of playing around, writing things on whiteboards and pointing at things while wearing white coats, these are the 15 things we'll be looking out for in the fitness trackers of the future – we'd love to hear your own suggestions in the comments.

Andrew Williams

Andrew is a freelance journalist and has been writing and editing for some of the UK's top tech and lifestyle publications including TrustedReviews, Stuff, T3, TechRadar, Lifehacker and others.