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Here's our wish list for the ultimate fitness tracker

Multi sport

The ability to track different activities used to be something only top-tier fitness watches could do. But as tracker smarts get smarter, we'll see more of this.

The model that has really changed things recently is the Moov Now. It's a £60 tracker with separate modes for swimming, cycling, running, interval training and even the awesome Cardio Boxing, which is like Guitar Hero but with punches.

This little wrist tracker also gives you voice coaching through its app, but it sadly needs the phone for a lot of functions; it has a lot of the right ideas though.

On our most-wanted list of tracking styles are running, walking, cycling and swimming, with the device working out which is which automatically.

While we're asking, we'll also take hiking and golf – Garmin's trackers actually let you see how far you are from the hole while you're on the course, and others are starting to add such functionality too.