Hack will get your iPhone working with Android Wear

Android Wear
Android Wear

Google wants Android Wear to work with iPhones as soon as possible, but we are yet to hear any official details from either company.

But Android developer MohammadAG has come up with a temporary solution - he's managed to get his iPhone notifications sent direct to Android Wear.

The developer, whose real name is Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyah, used the Apple Notification Center Service to feed his push notifications from an iPhone to his Moto 360 smartwatch.

Apple's Notification Center Service is built directly into iOS meaning there's no need to download a special app and notifications can be pushed right away, much like they are on Pebble smartwatches.

Forget Apple Watch

All the other Android Wear features aren't accessible through this hack as it only works for push notifications.

The feature can't be enabled without the .apk file MohammadAG created – he said that he's working on releasing it to the public.

If it was available you'd also need to have an Android phone to set up the smartwatch and download apps, but the good news is there isn't a need to jailbreak the phone.

Via Android Beat

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