Google Glass 2 is already being sent out to a select few

When Google announced that it was ending the Glass Explorer program many people leapt to the conclusion that Google Glass was dead and buried.

However it appears those Glass-sceptics might have jumped the gun with the news that the search giant is already sending out prototypes of the next iteration of Glass.

Although the next generation Google Glass is still in the early development stage, sources close to the project have revealed Google has been showing off the prototype in private to a select number of partners, according to

We've previously reported that Google has continued to work on the Google Glass project with Ivy Ross, a jewellery designer, and Tony Fadell, a former Apple product executive, brought in as a change of management.

Committed to the vision

Since the end of the Glass Explorer program Google has been working hard to demonstrate that it is still committed to bringing out a consumer version of Google Glass.

This includes creating a new Glass at Work program that brings together 10 startups which are focusing on creating new software for Google Glass.

Google is carefully curating the companies that can join the Glass at Work program and is working closely with each one to make sure the software that supports Google Glass is high quality. This is quite a different approach to the Explorer Program which allowed anyone to make Apps for the device, which led to mixed results.

This more considered approach could be the key to Google Glass' success. Time will tell if it was the right decision by Google.

Matt Hanson
Managing Editor, Core Tech

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