Google Glass 2.0 probably won't make you look so silly

Google's recent decision to stop producing Google Glass took some people by surprise, but it looks like it hasn't completely given up on the project - it will instead redesign its smart eye wear from the ground up.

According to sources close to the project speaking to The New York Times, the team plan to redesign Google Glass from scratch. Further, it won't be released until it is complete, which means no pre-production models.

Although the production of Google Glass as we know it has stopped, Google has continued to work on the project with Ivy Ross, a jewellery designer, and Tony Fadell, a former Apple product executive and the creator of Nest, now in charge of overseeing the project.

New eyes

In an earlier statement Tony Fadell explained that "early Glass efforts have broken ground and allowed us to learn what's important to consumers and enterprises alike... I'm excited to be working with Ivy to provide direction and support as she leads the team and we work together to integrate those learnings into future products."

These two appointments will not only take what was learned from the original Google Glass and its successes and failures, but will hopefully repackage Google Glass as an accessory that will appeal to the mainstream, something that the original version did not.

Matt Hanson
Managing Editor, Core Tech

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