Google is dedicating an entire section of its online store to VR

Google Cardboard

Google has an all-new VR section in the Google Store, where it has begun, finally, selling its own Cardboard headset.

Previously, Google's affordable Cardboard was only available through third-party companies, by making your own with downloaded instructions or picking one up as part of a promotion, like the Star Wars Cardboard.

Now, however, you can buy a Cardboard directly through the Google Store for either $15 (about £10, AU$20) for a single unit or as a two-pack for $25 (about £18, AU$35). The cheap and easy headset should be compatible with any smartphone less than 6-inches in size.

The new VR section also has two other non-Google-made VR headsets available for purchase, including Mattel's View Master VR starter pack for $29.99 (about £22, AU$42).

The other option is the Goggle Tech C1 Glass for $14.99 (about £15, AU$25), which is basically made up of a foldable plastic VR viewer that's barely bigger than a pair of sunglasses. It even comes with a microfiber bag and is compatible with 4- to 6-inch Apple and Android smartphones.

What's next?

Along with the inclusion of its own Cardboard, this new VR section in the Google Store suggests that the search giant may have larger VR ambitions.

This is further fueled by reports earlier this month that Google is working on a Cardboard design update, as well as a standalone, untethered headset, boasting powerful processor and external cameras for head tracking.

Adding fuel to the fire are job listings that popped up last month, which suggest Google may be looking to get deeper into VR, with a headset that could take on the likes of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

Now with a dedicated VR shopping section, it may only be a matter of time before these rumored headsets shoulder their way in. We may hear more on Google's VR plans during its annual Google IO conference in May.

Via The Verge