Google may be building a VR headset that isn't made of cardboard

Gear VR
Gear VR

Google's Cardboard project is an easy and cheap way to jump into virtual reality, but it looks like Google wants to go further with a more hardy headset.

According to the Financial Times, Google is working on a plastic VR headset that will feature high quality lenses and improved sensors as well – and it'll look much like the Samsung Gear VR.

The headset will allegedly be compatible with a variety of Android devices. It's also claimed that Google will release native Android OS features specially for VR.

Opening up

Google will likely employ the Nexus project technique here and create a flagship VR.

But it's also thought Google will leave the technology open-source so any Android manufacturer can start work on a version of the headset, as it has done with Cardboard.

LG, for example, hasn't shown any interested in the possibilities of VR yet and this may be an opportunity for the company to get involved.

If this plan comes to fruition we can likely expect Google to make a public announcement at Google I/O developer conference.

Last week, Apple begun selling Mattel's View-Master VR headset in its online store, suggesting the company is beginning to embrace the technology. Further, Tim Cook recently said that he didn't think VR technology is niche, adding that it has some "interesting applications."

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