Watch out Garmin, Amazfit's two new sports watches look like serious competition

Amazfit T-Rex Pro
The T-Rex Pro 2 will be a successor to last year's T-Rex Pro (Image credit: Amazfit)

New photos and specs have appeared showing that Amazfit will soon launch a pair of rugged sports watches to some of Garmin's best offerings

Earlier this week, we reported on a new FCC listing that appeared to describe a new Amazfit T-Rex Pro watch with a new design and a significantly larger battery. It sounded like it could be a real rival to Garmin's excellent Instinct 2 sports watch – and now the competition looks even tougher.

An anonymous source has shared photos with (opens in new tab) showing not one, but two new Amazfit watches. The first is the rumored T-Rex Pro 2, which has a redesigned case with repositioned screws on the bezel and a metal tag on the right-hand edge bearing the Amazfit logo.

The watch also seems to come in a range of new colorways. The original T-Rex Pro was only available in black, but it appears that the new watch will also be available in a choice of gold, green, or khaki.

Most interesting for us is the watch's battery life. According to stats leaked alongside the photos, the T-Rex Pro 2 will be able to run for up to 24 days in mixed usage, or 10 days in heavy use. That's a huge upgrade from the first-gen T-Rex Pro, and almost equals the 28-day maximum battery life of the Instinct 2.

That's a particularly impressive feat since the T-Rex Pro 2 will sport a power-hungry AMOLED display rather than a basic memory-in-pixel screen like the Instinct 2.

Leading the way has also published pictures of a brand new watch called the Amazfit Vienna. This appears to be essentially the same as the T-Rex Pro 2, but with an extra coat of gloss and a tougher build.

While both watches will feature titanium cases, the Vienna will have a sapphire crystal lens rather than the standard toughened glass. It'll also have a water resistance rating of 20ATM rather than 10ATM, which will make it suitable for high speed watersports.

The Vienna will have far more storage than the T-Rex Pro 2, and we've got our fingers crossed that some of that space will be available for downloading additional maps. One of our biggest complaints about the first-gen Amazfit T-Rex Pro was its lack of navigation tools, so although it could use GPS to track your location during workouts, you couldn't plot a route ahead of time, then use the watch to follow it.

If the Vienna can challenge Garmin when it comes to pathfinding, we may have a real contender on our hands.

Cat Ellis

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