New Amazfit T-Rex Pro 2 could give the Garmin Instinct 2 a run for its money

Amazfit T-Rex Pro
The new watch will be a successor to last year's Amazfit T-Rex Pro (Image credit: Jamie Carter)

Details of a new rugged running watch from Amazfit have emerged, and it looks like it'll be a strong rival to the Garmin Instinct 2.

Reporters at Gadgets and Wearables spotted the forthcoming watch in a new listing published by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which is the body that approves devices that transmit data wirelessly before they are sold in the US. Although the watch isn't named, judging by the specifications, it seems likely to be a new version of last year's Amazfit T-Rex Pro.

It might seem strange that Amazfit should be planning to release a second-gen T-Rex so soon, but the company has a history of upgrading its watches as fast as possible – often releasing several models in a single month.

The original T-Rex Pro is a chunky but attractive watch that impressed us with its bright AMOLED display, good battery life, and a launch price of just $179.99 / £139 / AU$249. For comparison, the entry-level Garmin Instinct 2 cost $349.99 / £299.99 / AU$549 when it arrived earlier this year.

Battery and navigation

Amazfit has explained to TechRadar previously that it keeps its costs down by manufacturing its own components in-house rather than buying them in from third-party suppliers, and then passes these savings on to its customers. However, the T-Rex Pro did have a few significant drawbacks that led us to favor the more expensive Garmin watch.

First, although the T-Rex Pro has GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning to track your pace and location during workouts, it lacks navigation tools so you can't use it to plot and follow a new route. Second, its battery life isn't spectacular, lasting around 18 days in regular usage compared to 28 days for the Garmin Instinct 2. 

The FCC listing provides relatively little information on the new watch's specifications, but it looks like battery life will be getting a big boost. While the T-Rex Pro contains a 390mAh battery, its successor will be powered by a 450mAh cell.

In terms of design, the new watch seems to be very similar. In photos published by NotebookCheck, the only obvious changes are a new silver-toned badge featuring the Amazfit logo on the watch's edge, and repositioned screws on the front of the case.

We're keeping our ear to the ground for more news on the T-Rex Pro 2 – particularly any updates on GPS navigation, which could make it a real competitor to Amazfit's much pricier rivals.

Cat Ellis

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