Want a Surface Studio? You’re going to be waiting for some time

If you were mulling over buying one of Microsoft’s freshly revealed Surface Studio PCs, then we’ve got some bad news – the ship date on all models has been pushed out to ‘early 2017’.

When the all-in-one was unveiled last Wednesday, pre-orders were live on the same day, and the shipping date was set at mid-December.

However, as mentioned, whichever model of the Surface Studio you look at on Microsoft’s online store in the US, it now states a shipping date of early 2017, with no clarification on how early that might be.

This isn’t too surprising, though, as during the launch, Microsoft did say that there would only be limited quantities of the PC going out in December – with wider availability expected early next year.

Pre-order of the day 

And indeed there would seem to have been a very limited production run of the initial devices, given how quickly the shipping date has changed. Either that, or those creative types and folks with deep wallets who were interested in the machine all got their orders in very quickly anticipating this situation.

Of course, the cynic in us will always pipe up as to how it never hurts a company to have a seeming ‘overwhelming’ demand for a piece of hardware in the early days.

Obviously, that doesn’t hurt the build-up of hype, although in fairness, in our hands-on with the device, we found it was an “incredibly clever, powerful and gorgeous all-in-one PC” – the main drawback being the price (and the slight disappointment of the older GPU used).

As to when we’ll see the Surface Studio in the UK, we typically face long waits for Microsoft’s hardware to reach these shores, and given the situation with stock over in the US, let’s just say we wouldn’t get our hopes up for it arriving in the remotely near future.

After all, just look at how long it took the Surface Book to arrive in the UK, another device which, according to some stats we’ve seen, appears to have had a relatively limited production run based on its niche appeal, mainly due to the convertible’s price.

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