Vodafone launches new VeryMe reward scheme with selected phone deals

VeryMe app launch with Vodafone phone deals

It seems Vodafone is jumping on the reward scheme bandwagon, having launched its 'VeryMe' scheme for mobile phone customers to get free gifts and discounts.

VeryMe's first offer includes discounts on Odeon cinema tickets (two for £7), free Costa coffee and  treats from Millie's Cookies, Hotel Chocolat and Tesco. There are also  free trials on apps and a whole load of other rewards - and not to mention you get a free extra 2GB of data when you sign up.

Vodafone's UK Chief Executive Nick Jeffery, said: “VeryMe Rewards is designed as a personalised thank you to our customers for their loyalty. The Vodafone App is quick and easy to use and rewards customers with daily treats and offers that have been individually tailored to them.” 

Vodafone isn't the first mobile phone provider to do this. O2 has its Priority Reward scheme and Three has its interestingly named 'Wuntu' app to give customers deals alongside their contract. Where Vodafone seems to differ is that the app will tailor the offers to you so you're only ever getting deals that you're interested in.

If you are already with the provider you can get started by downloading the Vodafone App and clicking through to the VeryMe section and over time the app will figure out what you like and tailor its suggestions to your liking. 

If the idea of VeryMe has caught your interest but you're not yet on Vodafone, check out our best Vodafone deals page to try and find a contract that works for you. 

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