Vodafone announces ‘Flex’ prepaid plans

Vodafone is trying to shake things up in the prepaid industry. With the announcement of its new Flex prepaid plans, the company aims to make things easier and convenient for its customers. Flex is actually a unit which Vodafone will use to calculate the data usage, voice calls, roaming charges or text messaging charges.

For example, 1 unit of Flex gives you 1MB of mobile data, 1 SMS and so on. While outgoing calls (local and STD) might require more than 1 Flex unit. So instead of having denominations recharged to your account, Flex will become a new form of currency for your Vodafone prepaid account.

Prices for these packs are only available for Delhi at the moment and they start from as low as Rs 118 which will offer 325 Flex units. Higher denominations are as follows:

Rs 204 = 700 Flex units   
Rs 304 = 1,200 Flex units   
Rs 395 = 1,750 Flex units 

If you have exhausted your Flex units, you can use micro-Flex recharges of Rs 42 or Rs 53 which will offer 105 and 138 units of Flex units respectively. Further word is awaited regarding availability of Flex in other circles of India.

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