Redbox branching out to sell event, concert tickets

Redbox couple
Oh what fun

Redbox is extending its reach into a new entertainment venue, as the video rental kiosks will soon begin selling concert and event tickets, the company announced Thursday.

Tickets will be sold both at kiosks and on Redbox's website, with a $1 surcharge for orders.

Once orders are placed, users will be able to print their tickets at home or, in some cases, have the option to pick up their tickets at the event.

Despite the competitive rate with Ticketmaster's high surcharges, Redbox may not have competitive seat selection.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Redbox will specialize in selling tickets that might otherwise be a tough sell, like seats in the never-popular nosebleed section.

Philly first

Mark Achler, Redbox senior vice president of new business, innovation and strategy, told the Wall Street Journal that the seats are more likely to sell with Redbox's model of impulse purchases.

"We can help move inventory," he said. "We can be incremental without being cannibalistic."

Redbox has already started an East Coast beta program for ticket purchases, available only in Philadelphia for the moment.

Tickets are available in event categories including family, sports, music and theater, with upcoming tickets sold for Villanova football games, the Philadelphia film festival, and a Carrie Underwood concert.

The new ticket service starts Thursday in parts of Philadelphia, and will roll out to all kiosks across the city by mid-October.

There is no word yet on when the ticket beta will expand to new cities around the country.

Via Redbox, Wall Street Journal