MeDeploy's distribution tools for filmmakers great and small

MeDeploy may bring movie making to the masses

A platform has been developed by MeDeploy that will help both small budget independent filmmakers and big movies studios to distribute their material to social networks.

Revealed this week, MeDeploy is the brainchild of the former owners of web development company Xcreative. The system is on view at the

DEMO show

in California for emerging technology.

The tools available from MeDeploy cover media storage, delivery, content management, media transcoding, anti-piracy tools, and secure credit card processing. It allows films to be rented, or sold as video on demand, or downloads.

Whiter than white

It's a 'white label' solution – allowing users on any website to rebrand the system in their own style for sales, marketing and distribution. Options allow users to add features from 'watch trailer' and 'add to cart' to 'balloon widget' that offers extra information when selected by a mouse hover. MeDeploy claims that the cut and paste codes that allow you to add these functions work with all blogs, websites, and social networks.

MeDeploy offers hope in an industry in which astronomical costs prohibit many projects from getting off the ground, and conversely, big studios can reach individuals previously out of their clutches. We mean clutches in the nicest possible way, of course.

Pricing is thus somewhat within the regular Hollywood parameters. MeDeploy Indie costs just $19.95 (£10) a month, while the MeDeploy Professional version shifts the decimal point once to the right at $199.95 (£100) a month. With a free 30-day trial, you can't really go wrong, except perhaps in the quality of film you wish to foist upon us.

James Cameron need not apply.