Green set top boxes coming to Currys

Two of electrical retailer Currys ' own-brand digital set top boxes are the first to be approved as energy efficient by the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

The two set top boxes, the Ferguson FD1 and Logik Vesa , have been awarded Energy Saving Recommended status, meaning they meet the requirements of the Energy Saving Recommended Endorsement Scheme.

The blue Energy Saving Recommended logo is usually seen on energy efficient domestic appliances such as cookers and washing machines. The set top boxes are the first on the European market that meet the EST's requirements. As well as being more environmentally-friendly, the new set top boxes should help customers reduce their energy bills.

Anna Burleigh, marketing director at Currys, said: "We all have a responsibility to reduce energy consumption and the impact of climate change. I am happy to be able to offer the first Energy Saving Recommended set top boxes in the UK. Currys expects a substantial number of products will achieve this standard over time."

Adrian Arnold, head of trade marketing at the Energy Saving Trust, added: "The Energy Saving Recommended scheme is expanding its criteria to incorporate more products over the coming year, but these only become available to the customers when manufacturers and retailers meet those challenges and bring more energy efficient products to the market place."

To meet Energy Saving Trust requirements, products need to meet criteria for power consumption in four different categories: off mode, passive standby, active standby, and on-mode. Products with a passive standby power consumption of 2W or less, and an on-mode power consumption of 6.3W or less for a single tuner and 8.3W or less for a dual tuner may be registered.

The Ferguson FD1 Prism digital TV receiver, and the Logik Vesa slim-line digital TV box both cost £50 and are available in Currys stores now.