Hey, Presto! Streaming service adds HD library and Apple TV compatibility

Presto HD content

Presto is closing the gap between itself and rival streaming services Stan and Netflix with the launch of Apple TV compatibility and HD TV shows and movies.

While Stan has been using Apple Airplay to stream content from iOS devices to TVs since the service launched, Presto is only now adding this functionality with a major refresh of its Apple app.

The refresh also adds HD content – the lack of which has been a major oversight, particularly when Netflix offers 4K streaming – to both iOS and Android Presto apps.

The new apps also offer simplified navigation and the dangerous "Play next episode" button, which can see users binging away for hours without having to move from the couch.

Claws are out

Presto's move follows the debut yesterday of a new commercial starring Naomi Watts, in which the Hollywood actress puts the boot into Netflix and tells customers to demand more.

Perhaps pre-empting that many Presto customers could respond by demanding more from Presto itself, the service has now added features that really should have been part of its offering from the beginning.

Both Stan and Presto still have plenty of room for improvement when it comes to accessibility, and it seems Presto is aware of this.

"There are obviously challenges but we're keen to get the service on as many devices as possible," says Senior Product Manager for IP Services, Richard Cole, who promises that game consoles and smart entertainment devices are in the company's sights.

"If it has a screen then I'd like it to have Presto."