Android TV gets a 4K Netflix boost

Android TV
Now with Netflix 4K content

You wanted 4K content for your UHD TV and the trickle feed is starting to fill out. Netflix has now announced support for 4K streaming on compatible Android TV devices.

With Google I/O kicking right off get set for a lot more talk about Android TV over the next couple of days, but along with this announcement there has already been some other great news for sweet TV operating system.

So first there's the news Premium subscribers to Netflix (on the £9 / $12 per month tier) will now have access to its in-house shows, like House of Cards, in glorious 4K-o-vision via the Android TV OS.

That's great news for anyone with an Android TV device capable of outputting or displaying a 4K video stream, but realistically those are still few and far between.

Mostly smart

And that's where this other bit of good 'droidy news comes in: Philips has recently announced it is going to be including Android TV on a full 38 different models in its television range.

Philips UHD Android TV

That's 80% of all its TVs and that's going to include some dandy UHD models too.

Sony is set to start shipping its range of Android TV-powered 4K television around now as well. So, along with devices such as the soon-to-be-released Nvidia SHIELD Console able to output 4K video, things are really gathering pace for Google's televisual OS.