Weekend news roundup: 12-14 October

The Mac Mini - approaching end-of-life status?

Now that the weekend is over and your relaxation has come to a close for one more week, it's time you take a look at what you missed over the weekend.

In a story that could open the door for Microsoft with its intention to sue the Linux community, both Red Hat and Novell have been sued for patent infringement. Some are saying that the plaintiff in the suit is nothing more than a patent troll looking to make a quick score. But if it's successful, Microsoft may have the precedent it's looking for to proceed in its own patent infringement case against Linux.

Linux under attack

Google has announced an update to its Desktop application for Linux users. According to the company, the update allows you to search over more images (which are higher quality) as well as Microsoft Office documents.

According to AppleInsider, the Mac Mini has neared end-of-life status and Apple has informed retailers not to expect any new shipments of the current version of the Mac Mini. Some point to the fact that Apple will be releasing a new Mac Mini in the coming months, while others say this is finally the end for the Mac Mini. We should know soon.

For those with a 24-inch iMac, the past year has been filled with some headaches while trying to install Boot Camp. But after a year of no Windows on your Mac, Apple may be working on a fix to allow users to get Boot Camp. There is currently no release schedule for the update, but it should be coming soon.

ZunePhone really in the works?

On Friday, it was discovered that Microsoft could be planning to develop an iPhone-like device with a touch screen matching the one found on the popular Apple device. Microsoft has refused to comment on the patent so far, but judging by the pictures, it looks like the ZunePhone may not be so far off.

Just a few weeks after Apple was put under pressure for its decision to release a firmware upgrade that bricked many unlocked iPhones, it seems the original iPhone unlockers have found a way to unbrick the iPhone. iPhone Elite is reporting that its 19-step unbricking process will take your iPhone back to a working state and help you start anew.

SlySoft, a company best known for finding ways around HD DVD copy protection, has announced an update to its software that cracks future HD DVDs and Blu-rays with the help of a specialised 'AI'.

Although the iPhone has been quite successful, it looks like Samsung is also doing well in the arena of mobile phone manufacturing. During the first three quarters, Samsung sold 115 million phones and has enjoyed a 40 per cent jump in sales over the past year.