First commercial 3D Blu-ray release dated and priced

Meatballs in 3D - Campbells must be loving it
Meatballs in 3D - Campbells must be loving it

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced the release date of its first 3D Blu-ray movie Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, the first studio to do so.

Surprisingly, the release is happening in Germany first and not the US, with the disc penned in for 1 June release.

There will also be a 2D version available for those who have not yet jumped on the 3D bandwagon.

June release

The release marks the first time a 3D Blu-ray disc will be commercially available. Samsung did pip Sony to the post by bundling Monsters Vs Aliens with its 3D TV range but this disc is so far only exclusively available to Samsung owners.

The 3D Blu-ray release date is threadbare for this year, with only a trickle of titles available to those with 3D sets.

But the release of Meatballs is a significant one for Sony as it comes at around the same time that the company's free 3D firmware update is to be piped into PlayStation 3s all over the world and the latest Sony Blu-ray players.

Price isn't right

The 3D Blu-ray version of Meatballs – or to give it its sexy German name Wolkig Mit Aussicht Auf Flesiscbaellchen – has also been priced and will be €5 more expensive than its 2D counterpart, at €28.99.

Considering there hasn't been a significant drop in prices for normal Blu-ray discs, expect this price premium to come to the UK, too.

Nobody said that this 3D malarkey was going to be cheap.

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