This crazy case design is like an airbag for your smartphone

A new patented design by a 25-year-old German university student could revolutionize the smartphone case industry with its fresh new take on a portable air bag.

Philip Frenzel has devised a solution to the inherent problem with phone cases – if they’re genuinely protective then they will add considerable heft and bulk to your device, while elegant and sleek designs offer little in the way of protecting your device if you drop it.

Frenzel’s AD (Active Dampening) phone case utilizes a set of four spring-loaded, bi-directional bumpers that automatically extend from the corners of the case when the integrated sensors detect that it’s falling. This allows your phone to bounce around harmlessly on the ground, greatly softening the impact.

Design excellence

As can be seen from the video above, the AD Case adds minimal bulk to the phone while offering substantial protection against drop-shock.

The nature of Frenzel’s design ensures that no part of the phone could come into contact with an even surface if the bumpers correctly spring out, but it won’t be able to prevent against jagged or hugely uneven surfaces.

This, however, is a fault common to most, if not all, case designs on the market today. The AD Case actually does a better job than existing designs at distancing the drop surface from any portion of the phone’s chassis or screen.

Frenzel’s AD Case design awarded him first place in Germany’s Mechatronics Prize for 2018 and, while the case is yet to hit production, he will be starting a Kickstarter campaign in July to help fund the launch of his product.

[Image courtesy of Pre-View Online]

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