Oppo R17 design and specs give clues to what the OnePlus 6T may look like

There’s a good chance the rumored OnePlus 6T will draw inspiration from the newly announced Oppo R17, a smartphone that Oppo has now officially confirmed.

We’ve seen past OnePlus devices resemble Oppo designs – the OnePlus 5 and 5T both took a lot of inspiration from their Oppo counterparts, the R11 and R11S, respectively. Yes, the OnePlus 6 did veer off a little from the Oppo R15, but there's still a resemblance that’s hard to ignore. 

If the OnePlus 6T does, in fact, lift the Oppo R17 design, it could mean the affordable flagship Android phone could get some high-end features that users have been asking for. 

Two variants of the Oppo R17 were announced, one of which, according to the specs spotted by Gadgets360, will feature a Qualcomm 670 SOC, 8GB of RAM and an in-display fingerprint reader. An Oppo R17 Pro was also announced, but no specifications have been revealed at this time.

What does it mean, though? 

In-display fingerprint readers have been featured in Chinese handsets since the start of this year, and if there’s an under-the-glass sensor on the OnePlus 6T then we might see other Android phone makers rushing to include it in their handsets.

However, given that the OnePlus line has traditionally been budget-friendly, we could see the OnePlus 6T skipping the in-screen scanner and retaining the back-mounted sensor of the OnePlus 6.  

The Oppo R17's design is also notable in that it still features a notch, as on the OnePlus 6, but it’s much smaller and has an attractive, almost triangular shape. So it’s there, but not as prominent, and it’s very possible that the OnePlus 6T will follow this trend.

We also think the OnePlus 6T will feature the more powerful Snapdragon 845 processor, rather than the more power-efficient Snapdragon 670 in the Oppo R17. After all, the OnePlus 6 had the 845 chip, and we don’t see OnePlus going backwards in terms of chip speeds in 2018.

There are lots of reasons to believe that the Oppo R17 design will bleed over into the OnePlus 6T – it’s just a question of to what degree.

We won’t have to wait much longer to find out. The OnePlus 6T is expected to be announced later this year, based on the six-month OnePlus phone cycle and the fact that the OnePlus 6 launched on May 22.

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