This compact hybrid smartwatch has been designed specifically for women

Danish accessories brand Skagen has announced that it’s launching its smallest wearable ever and that it’s been designed specifically for women. 

Called the Signatur T-Bar Hybrid Smartwatch, this wearable has Skagen’s most compact case to date, with a 36mm case that's supported by a 16mm wide strap.

Despite the smaller space, all of the usual hybrid smartwatch features we’ve come to expect are here: customizable notifications, a standard watch battery so you don’t need to charge every night and activity, sleep and goals tracking. 

There are also some hands-free smartphone control functions which will allow you to ring your phone if you’ve lost it, control music or remotely snap a photo.

A wearable wearable

All of this is tied into the iOS and Android compatible Skagen app, where it’s possible to set your alert and function preferences. According to Skagen, alerts can now be set to any hour marker on the watch's dial, making it easier to track up to 6 contacts and 6 apps and more updates to the app will come based on customer feedback.

As someone with particularly petite wrists who has never been able to wear a smartwatch without it looking like I’ve had a cyberpunk enhancement where my joints are replaced by a screen, it's always nice to see signs that wearable technology is moving away from its one size fits all (but not really all) tendencies. 

Skagen is, however, far from the first hybrid smartwatch manufacturer to target smaller wrists and there are many good options from a variety of brands already out there.  

That said, Skegan has managed to create a particularly small watch here. Smartwatches which claim to be suited to smaller wrists tend to come in at around 40 to 42 mm (and look ludicrous on me) so a casing as small as 36 mm is unusual and welcome. 

Overall, hybrid smartwatches tend to be more readily geared towards a wider market than fully-fledged dedicated smartwatches. It is, after all, much easier to achieve a casing this small when there's no screen limitations to be considered.

Though Skagen states that the watch has been designed for women, we imagine it’d also be appreciated by men with smaller wrists or those with larger wrists who’d like to enhance that largeness further. 

The watch comes in 4 colors, offering a choice between silver and rose gold mesh straps or grey and black leather straps. The leather straps come in at £175, while the metallic mesh straps are slightly more expensive at £195. 

Though someone seems to have told wearable tech companies that to get through the gates to the female market you need to make an offering of metallic rose gold and back away slowly, the wider variety of understated options Skagen is offering with its Signatur T-Bar are welcome. As is the complete absence of Swarovski bedazzling.

The Skagen Signatur T-Bar is available via the Skagen website now with prices starting from £175/$175.

Emma Boyle

Emma Boyle is TechRadar’s ex-Gaming Editor, and is now a content developer and freelance journalist. She has written for magazines and websites including T3, Stuff and The Independent. Emma currently works as a Content Developer in Edinburgh.