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This bug places Killjoy turret under the map in Valorant

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One of the newest agents in Valorant, Killjoy, is now suspended from the game. This is because the German agent's Turret skill has a game breaking bug where it can be placed under maps where it cannot be seen by the enemies. 

While enemies cannot see Killjoy's turret, they are still attacked by it which means that the whole area becomes off limits for the opposing team. This is not even the first time that Killjoy's turrets have caused a problem. There are certain spots in the Icebox map, which is similar to the sport that were discovered on the Split map back in August.

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The devs at Riot Games seem to look at the humorous side of this whole thing where they referred to the whole incident as not an intended update and that Killjoy is being removed to fix the bug.

But one of the issues that may occur from removing Killjoy at the present moment from the game is that First Strike tournament may be affected. The removal of Killjoy may end up affecting the strategies of the different team taking part in the tournament. There seems to be little chance that the agent will make her return before December 3, that is when the regional events for the First Strike tournament kicks off.

Valorant has seen its share of problems recently where the last Valorant update 1.11 saw deployment, rollback and redeployment with quite some drama added to the mix. The new map Icebox also isn't the biggest hit with players. And the developers delayed the release of the new agent named Skye.

The recently released Valorant update 1.12 is a smaller one which the developers explain that the problematic release of Patch 1.11 is "forcing us to reevaluate what it takes to raise the quality bar for patch days going forward." The bigger changes this time around involve the Observer and the social panel along with some bug fixes. The devs even warn that they may be skipping the next patch and will do something around December 8.

The in-match display of Act Rank Badges will continue to be suspended in-game while the devs figure out what’s contributing to the performance hitches. The Act Rank Badge will still display in Competitive lobbies, map load in, and on the end-of-game screen. 

Observers can no longer hear ping audio, and have improved sightline visibility in well-lit areas. A new Game State Modification cheat has been added to allow moderators to adjust various aspects of the game (player stats, money, etc.) in a tournament setting.

This update is rolling back the fixed team colors change from 1.11 as it was causing some confusion as people have started to associate red with attack, and green with defense. Besides this there were some bugs as well and the devs say that it will be back in the future with custom team colours.

The Open/Close Party toggle has been redesigned to make it easier for players to understand whether they are in an open or closed party. Observers will now appear as “in game” in the social panel and view and type in /all chat in custom games. Besides this there are some bug fixes that can be checked out here (opens in new tab).

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