The top 5 Super Bowl 2021 commercials we can't wait to see - the ads that matter

best super bowl commercials 2021
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Ad breaks are seldom included in the fun of television broadcast. In fact, we often mute or ignore them entirely until our show returns. But there's one night in February when the ad break is finally accepted, celebrated even - the Super Bowl

The Buccs and the Chiefs are warming up their throwing arms this week, but it's the world's biggest brands hoping to stick in the minds of this year's viewers. While there are some notable absences - Budweiser and Coca Cola won't be offering Super Bowl commercials this year a they redirect funds to support Covid relief - you still won't want to use an ad break to refresh the beers. 

To make the most of advertising's one night of celebration, we're taking a look at the five upcoming Super Bowl commercials we know are on their way and can't wait to see. 

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5. Frito-Lay 2021 Super Bowl commercial

Frito-Lay has been a mainstay of much of the NFL's coverage over the past season, so what better way to herald in the big game than the Manning brothers and their father. Eli and Peyton Manning don matching pyjamas (which they actually owned separately by the way), to throw a ball about in their basement before being caught by their father, none other than former Saints quarterback Archie Manning. 

Eli and Peyton are joining a shining roster of NFL stars who have been getting cosy with a bag of chips over the course of the 2020 season. "Twas the Night Before Super Bowl" will also feature Troy Aikman, Joe Montana, Deion Sanders, Terry Bradshaw, Jerry Rice, Jerome Bettis, and Marshawn Lynch in a culmination of the "Twas the Night Before Kickoff" campaign.

super bowl commercials - Peyton Manning, Archie Manning and Eli Manning

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4. Fiverr 2021 Super Bowl commercial

It was one of the funniest blunders in the history of press conferences, but the Trump campaign's accidental booking of Four Seasons Total Landscaping for a Rudy Giuliani speech wasn't the only surprising gig this Philadelphia-based business landed. Fiverr is taking the infinitely meme-able story of how Marie Siravo's small independent business skyrocketed to fame and putting it right in the spotlight this Super Bowl Sunday.

The freelance platform is celebrating small businesses in its first ever Super Bowl ad, demonstrating how it can help companies adapt to ever-changing circumstances in a strange new world. Siravo's story is one of excellent marketing in itself, and the fact that her business will now sit centre field at the biggest game of the year will make for some particularly gratifying viewing. 

3. Bud Light 2021 Super Bowl commercial

While Budweiser won't be partaking in this year's ad celebration, its Bud Light brand is going bigger than ever. The Legends ad will see returning Bud Light heroes joining forces with Post Malone to save a crashed Bud Light truck. 

You'll find Cedric the Entertainer, the "Real Men of Genius" singer, the Bud Knight, the "I Love You, Man" man, Oracle Susan and others headlining this gig - which promises to serve up plenty of nostalgia alongside that classic humour we've all come to recognize. 

It's Avengers: Endgame but for beer - and we're all here for it.

super bowl commercials - Dolly Parton

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2. Squarespace 2021 Super Bowl commercial

Dolly Parton is taking the field this year, with a reimagining of one of her best songs in an ad for Squarespace. The website design brand is tapping into that classic 2020 feeling of living to work, encouraging its viewers to embrace the '5-9' side-hustle hours - all set to a re-recorded version of the classic track by Dolly herself. 

Not only are we being treated to Parton's voice once again, but the Squarespace is also hosting a site for her new fragrance range, to launch just before the Super Bowl. Directed by La La Land's Damien Chazelle, early looks have been divisive - but if you're after a bit of fun amongst the drama of the big game you'll certainly find it here.

1. Uber Eats 2021 Super Bowl commercial

Any ad that brings Wayne and Garth back onto our screens is worthy of this top spot, and with Uber Eats stepping up its game over the course of 2020 it feels right that the food delivery giant should celebrate its first Super Bowl ad with some Wayne's World action. 

We've already seen a few snippets, with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey firmly settled back in the basement, but Cardi B's guest appearance will certainly spice things up on the big night as well. Uber Eats has secured a 60 second slot for this ad, so expect plenty of throwbacks and even more hair. 

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