The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could come with a monster of a battery

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in black facing forwards on a table
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic with its puny 367mAh battery (Image credit: Samsung)

The Galaxy Watch 5 – Samsung's rumored flagship wearable of 2022 – could arrive as early as August, and according to the latest leak, we might be getting a Pro model of the smartwatch with a significantly bigger battery.

That's according to the team at SamMobile, based on information from inside sources and a Korean certification database. It's the first we've heard of a Pro model, which we assume will arrive alongside the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Classic.

Seasoned Samsung watchers will remember that last year we got treated to the Galaxy Watch 4 and the bigger, more expensive Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. From what we think we know so far – which isn't much – the Pro could be bigger still.

Size matters

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is apparently going to come with a 572mAh battery, SamMobile says. The Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic both top out at 361mAh, so we're talking a sizable capacity jump of more than 50%.

While there have been whispers that the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Classic are set for a battery boost too, the highest figure that's been mentioned is 397mAh, so the Pro model is another level above that.

Of course a bigger capacity battery means a bigger physical size of battery too, which isn't ideal for a thin and light wearable. We'll have to wait and see how Samsung might handle this problem when the new devices arrive later in the year.

Analysis: the smartwatch battery conundrum

Even the best smartwatches on the market still struggle in terms of battery life: if you have a read through our Galaxy Watch 4 Classic review, you'll find that battery life was one of our bugbears, with the smartwatch lasting less than a day between charges on average.

See also the Apple Watch 7. It's perhaps the best smartwatch on the market at the moment, but based on our testing, it only lasts a little over 24 hours. If you forget to charge it one evening, you're going to be struggling until you find a power socket.

It's actually Garmin that impresses the most in this area. Through a combination of screens that are less vibrant and colorful, and integrated solar charging technology, some of its smartwatches are able to last several days or even weeks until they need recharging.

The problem is that consumers want smartwatches that are comfortable and lightweight to wear, and that also offer impressive battery life – a combination that's difficult to get right. It'll be interesting to see if Google is able to crack the problem with the Pixel Watch.

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