The powerful Pure Air Pro is our top electric scooter of 2021 – and here's why

Pure Air Pro (2021)
(Image credit: Future)

The latest edition of the Pure Air Pro has taken the top spot as the best electric scooter of 2021 – and for good reason. Last year's model impressed us with its solid build quality and performance, but the latest version builds on all its best features while keeping the price surprisingly low.

Its maximum range of 50km (just over 30 miles) is particularly impressive, and means it keeps rolling further than any other e-scooter we've tested to date. The real-world performance will depend on how hard you drive the throttle and the terrain you're riding on, but if your commute to work is relatively short, it'll last a full week between charges.

The powerful motor makes light work of hills, and it can hit a maximum of 15.5mph on the flat. Riding flat-out will drain the battery faster, but having a 500W motor driving you along is seriously fun. 

Built to last

The Pure Air Pro is a practical choice, too. Unlike some e-scooters, which sacrifice build quality to keep the price down, the Air Pro is extremely durable. All its cabling is routed internally, protecting it from corrosion and keeping the scooter's lines sleek, and when folded it's secured with a robust locking mechanism.

Pure Air Pro (2021)

(Image credit: Future)

Other thoughtful touches include built-in fenders and lights, which make it a great option even in inclement weather and after dark, when we might normally feel vulnerable riding an e-scooter. Its 10in air-filled tires soak up bumps in the road, giving a smoother ride, and feature puncture-protection fluid to avoid a flat spoiling your fun.

This power and build quality means it's not the lightest scooter around – at 16.5kg it weighs as much as many electric bikes – but its compact shape means it's reasonably easy to carry up flights of stairs, and lift onto public transport. 

Priced to move

Perhaps most surprisingly, despite all the improvements on last year's Pure Air Pro, the 2021 model is actually cheaper, costing £599 (about $850, AU$1,100). That's on a par with XIaomi's higher-end e-scooters, and cheaper than many top scooters from the likes of Segway, Unagi, and Bird.

If you're in the market for your first scooter, then you might be better off with the standard Pure Air, which offers a more sedate riding experience, but for anyone who's happy cruising on two wheels, the Pure Air Pro is easy to recommend.

Cat Ellis

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